SurfaceGui seems to be hovering a bit higher than normal

As you can see in the attached image, the surfaceGui seems to be hovering way above the part that I put it on. The mesh has not been offset by and value. The top part of the part ends where the mesh ends and therefore the surfacegui should lay there too.

Is this a bug or is there something I can do to change this?

If I have to, then I guess I can create a separate part and move it further down then put the surfacegui on that part.


How far from the origin are you?, 20, 2500)

Ya, now I can see that the gui hovers further away from the part the further you are from the origin. Darn, that should be fixed

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It actually didn’t use to do this before, but last time I heard it was implemented to prevent Z-fighting with parts.

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This bug made me tear my hair out for hours. Eventually, I had to resort to moving the SurfaceGui’s adornee up or down based on its y position. Obviously this shouldn’t be the case.

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There was another post on this:

Also about this;

For games like Epic Mining or The Quarry, there is no way to not use SurfaceGUIs far away from the origin, otherwise we’d be falling in a void. And the SurfaceGUI seems to scale away from the part the farther you go rather than an offset or absolute position.

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