SurfaceGUI shining through window at certain angles of view

I am currently making a train-destination-display for my locomotive and for that I used a TextLabel, as usual. However, while looking at it at certain angles, it shines through the window in front of it like demonstrated in this video:

What I tried to do:

  • Adjust the LightInfluence of the SurfaceGUI
  • Make the TextLabel transparent
  • Move the part containing the SurfaceGUI away from the window

with no success at all.

Here’s the file of the model: 111SurfaceGUIissue.rbxm (16.5 KB).

I hope this issue can be resolved soon.

Have a nice day and kind regards

Hi there!
It’s a known issue that SurfaceGUI can be a bit wonky with transparent parts. My best recommendation to you is set the LightInfluence to 1 so that it masks the problem a bit or try and use decals. This is an issue I experience on my buses and trust me, it annoys the heck out of me.

It’s not a major issue anyways but I can see how it can be annoying.

(Also, from one transportation dev to another: keep up the good work!)

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As stated. having any sort of Transparency (or GUI) behind another Transparent object can create issues.
Haven’t tried it but does the same thing happen if you make the window a BlockMesh and place it 2 studs behind where it is now, then have the Offset of the Mesh set to 2 to place the Mesh in front of the display?

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When I do that, the Union becomes a block (isn’t it supposed to do that? lol). However, when looking through the block, the problem gets a bit less noticable.

Maybe I also caused some confusion, the loco is made with CSG V2, not mesh. If I did cause some confusion, I’m sorry.

Ah, k.
I thought the windows looked like normal Parts with Transparency.