SurfaceGui stops working if you delete it and put another to the same Adornee

I’ve encountered a bug where if I have a SurfaceGui Adornee’d to a part, then delete that SurfaceGui and recreate another, it seems like that part does not accept inputs for a SurfaceGui Face anymore

In the video attached I have a SurfaceGui that works that is Adorneed to a part.

I cut and paste that surfacegui, and re-adornee it.

It renders properly but does not allow inputs

I try setting that same surfacegui to a duplicate of that part and it works fine.

I re-adornee it to the original part and it still refuses to allow inputs.

Also the surfacegui that now doesnt works will work if you change the Face to anything but the original one that stopped working

SurfaceGui Bugging Out.rbxl (18.0 KB)


This bug wasted a good amount of my time today - really would like a fix for this one.