SurfaceGuis appearing absurdly far away from their surface?

This wasn’t happening until recently. That gui is an entire stud off its surface. Anyone else seeing this?

Does the block have any type of meshes in them? Because I don’t get this issue with standard bricks:

Nope, even brand new parts are doing it.

Does the problem happen in other games (i.e. RobloxPlayer) that have SurfaceGuis in them? It could be your end with this bug.

That’s why I asked if anyone else was having this issue. It could just be a setting in one my control panels that’s doing this, but if other people are seeing it then it’s probably roblox.

Confirmed in DR2. Our Capes use a Letter, that letter is like one stud anyway from there surface and there is nothing that I can do to actually fix it…

SurfaceGuis appear to be adhering to their respective surfaces as they should for me. Both new and old.

Edit: since it’s possible it’s OS specific I’m on Windows 7

Confirmed on Windows 8.1

I’m on 8.1 too. Also using a nvidia GPU.

Windows XP, happening at like 0.05 studs distance

That should only happen if you put SG on a part that’s very far away from origin. I added this particular quick hack about a month ago to prevent Z-fighting.

It’s like this in The Quarry Leaderboards, tried to move the initial parts that parented the SurfaceGui to ‘fit’ the GUI with the Leaderboard Frame, however it prevented use of the ScrollingFrame.

The status of the bug:

in my example, it was a newly created part, so it should have been at exact origin, right? and yet it’s still visibly away from the front, howabout instead of this hack, you just render the guis in order, so they don’t fight over the Z-space, or make a separate z buffer modifier for when the guis are checking depth between each other

it seems that the distance away from faces scales with the overall dimensions of the place and not the actual distance from the origin. I’m working on a repro or two.

Removing the -500 lower part limit would solve this problem for you.
All of the good floating point precision is near 0, 0, 0, and players need to go down

Okay, I just got this bug too. Any admins on this?