SurfaceUI isn't responding to my module script!

Hello guys,

I am trying to use Object Orientated Programming and module scripts to change the text of the surface UI. However, the module script is not returning the text value, hence the video below will show the surface UI not responding with my script. I am using a regular script, not a local script as I find server scripts to be server sided, rather than going through the hassle with remote events. If it is only possible with a remote event and local script I’d use it, it is the least desirable way I want to do it though. I am trying to get used to typing module related scripts. I may be a beginner - intermediate scripter, I haven’t used surface UI much and I am open to constructive criticism. I’ll show the code and video below:


Screenshot 2024-07-10 205354

Module Script:

Is there any possible way to get around this? What are your thoughts? Thanks for the help!

Replying further to this, it is the UIstatus:WaitingForPlayers() that is bugging, the text had changed through the output but not on the surface UI.

Nvm it works now I just wasted everyones time! Sorry guys.