Surround sound not working

I’ve seen surround sound in different games, but they don’t seem to be working in my own games.
I’ve tried a few basic solutions, like butting sounds in parts to the left and right etc, but nothing really seems to give the effect is should.
(I have already tested my headphones and surround sound works fine with other applications)
Any suggestions?

What do you mean sal? Like when you get closer the music is louder?

Let’s say you are facing forward, and there was a part to the left of you playing a sound.
The sound from that part should be coming into the left speaker of your headphones.

Oh I get it. I might be able to help you let me see what I can do.

I figured it out. I will post a model and you can take the script.

@0_salcret here it is, tell me if you can take it
(on a side note add me back lol)

The model did not fix the problem, but it did help me find it.
For some reason, using :Play() does not allow surround sound, but .Playing = true does.
This… is odd, but at least it works :man_shrugging:

Your welcome for helping u find it.

That’s really strange. I use :Play() and I still have surround sound in my game.