[SURVEY] When is a map considered huge?

I’m currently making a map for a customer and he told me he wants a map that is big but not huge, the game is a county like game and there are cars to move around (not easily accessible tho), the map i currently built is a 6000x6000 map (not actually 6000x6000, it’s more a rectangle than a square).

Is the map too big in your opinion? When is a map considered huge?

  • It’s huge
  • It’s big but not huge

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The walkspeed is 16! I calculated that it would take around 6 minutes to walk from the top left corner to the bottom left corner!


This is a difficult question.

This will vary from person to person, but in my opinion:
5000x5000 or less, 3500x3500 or more: Big
5000x5000 or more: Huge


I added a poll! Thanks for your opinion! I’ll see what other people think :smiley:

In my opinion it depends on players’ speed. If you make a player slower, the map will feel bigger. But if you make a player faster, the map will feel smaller.

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Don’t forget change title to ‘[SURVEY] When is a map considered huge?’

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Depends on the game and player speed as mentioned by @milkobviously.
But yeah, you’d have to make it playable ofc since 6k studs is a lot if I do say so myself.
E.g., if you are making a city roleplay game using all parts and a lot amount of meshes or just parts then your game is most unlikely to be playable on low end devices.

Yeah, went off-topic for a bit.

In short, I’d consider it as huge. Any map with the size of 2k+ studs are huge in my opinion as well.

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I’ve seen people on this forum try to make 16k by 16k stud maps before. 6k is small beans compared to that, but it’s still pretty big compared to most other games you see.

So, big but not huge

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I feel like 6 minutes is way to long and might bore the player to the point of them quitting the game. I would recommend either making it way smaller or adding vehicles to speed up the process. Did you use parts or terrain?