Survival Game Devlog l #1 - Land Generation

The survival game I made few months ago hasn’t been touched because I’m working on a destruction game. So I’m gonna take a break making the destruction game because I’m still planning what to add next and Work on the Survival Game.

So first, World Generation. It is pretty hard so I searched for a tutorial and I came across this video. The Basics of Perlin Noise | Roblox Studio Tutorial - YouTube

The Video is about Perlin Noise and that’s complicated but he explained it so easy, I made the world generation in 1 day. (well because it’s the basics)

This is the World Generation I made. The values is confusing but if the Value is lower, it will make the part blue(water). If the Value is above that water Value, it will make the part yellow(sand). If the Value is Above that sand value, it will make the part green(grass)

I don’t know how to make a falloff map so I just made it flat and add things.

I made some Land Tiles in blender and put that instead of a part. I also made some blocky trees for trees.

Oh No! the tree is inside the tiles! What should I do?!
So after 30 mins of searching, This is what I made to fix that.

tree.CFrame = +,tree.Size.Y/2 + tilepart.Size.Y/2,0)

Wow math. here’s the final result!

The next thing I will add I think is tools.
If you have some feedback or ideas, it will be appreciated!