Survival Game Devlog l #2 - Inventory

Its been almost a month since my last post so here’s what I did.

I was thinking how should I make fanbase so that when the game released, It will have a good amount of players. And I remembered that TikTok have a lot of Roblox Players, So I made an account and hope it reach the right people.
My TikTok Account

After posting my first video with right Hashtags, it reached 1k views and that made me motivated and posted another video. After posting the Second Video, It BLEW UP LIKE WOW. In 1 week, I reached 1k+ Followers, 5k Likes, And a lot of Views.

Aight Here’s what Changed to the Game

Added Trees and Rocks (This maybe the final model)

Added Tools (Stone Axe , Stone PickAxe)


The UI took the longest time because I have to learn modules for the crafting UI, Fixed the inventory cause it keeps breaking, and I always change the colors and I might change it again because I’m not satisfied.

Here’s the World Generation again

I Tried to make the Resources as rare but easy to find (something like that). I’m thinking making the tiles bigger (Current size is 20, something, 20) to 50 x, 50z.

I post in tiktok the progress every update I make so make sure to follow me there to see more. If you have suggestions or ideas for the game, Replying it would be appreciated!


It seems like you have a successful game here
I would definitely play this

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Good for you! This is my first time having a look at your work and I love it. I really like the look and the idea behind this game. Oh and the UI looks totally awesome. If you ever need any help with testing I could help.

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