SURVIVAL SHOOTER GAME / Devlog #3 / Looking for feedback


  • TAB - Backpack

  • 1-4 numbers - Equip items in backpack

  • E - Interact (Doors/Pickup drop)

  • V - Combat mode

  • С - Craft menu

  • T - Text chat

  • R - Reload

  • Hold RMB - Aim with sniper rifle


  • text chat
  • player name showing
  • remade some animations
  • map changes
  • bullet whiz
  • some sound changes
  • Different crosshairs (Depends on the weapon)
  • effects
  • viewmodel sway

Collect scrap to create weapons

Take shelter from the rain in buildings so as not to freeze. The cold indicator is located above the health

Break boxes with melee combat to get weapons that will appear on the map. You can break down doors. Some doors may spawn locked



Add some pics to your post.

Add a thumbnail.

At the start, don’t start with the Inventory open, I thought at first my pc froze, until I went back here and saw you need to hit tab

Have a menu at the start… PLAY, How to PLAY , like what you have here…

And add that to your game description.

This font needs to be bigger, I am playing on a big monitor and cannot even read it…

Have your text translate to the players language … If the translator can do that… also I am in the doorway, in the room, and getting cold still… add a door knob…

Message area is to big and should be moved up

why can I not jump?

E pick up does not seem to work or maybe this is not pickup able?

I picked up a gear, then hit C, where is it?

Map need to be bigger with more stuff

Add some NPCs to kill

Nice start, continue.


I appreciate your feedback and advice, thank you for testing the project very much :smiley: