Survival Zombie Tycoon Summer Update Changelog

The summer update is here!


  • “2KSUBS”
  • “90KMEMBERS”
  • “SUMMER2022”
  • “100KMEMBERS”
  • “70KLIKES”

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  • Added automatic scaling
  • Increased all leaderboard list ranges to 200
  • Horseman’s Axe now requires top 100 boss wins
  • Added a no pvp region area on leaderboard island


  • Crab rave
  • Summer styled zombies
  • Players now ragdoll on death
  • Added new nightly music tracks
  • Added summer decorations to the map
  • Kill count display now stacks multiple kills at a time
  • Fixed an invisible hit box issue with energy generators


  • Normal guns now apply a knockback effect to humanoids on kill
  • All explosive guns and gear now apply an explosion force effect to humanoids on kill
  • New WARHAWK machine gun
    • Unlockable for 24 Rebirths
  • New Pulse Sniper
    • Unique kill effect
    • Unique bullet tracer
    • Unlockable for 40 Rebirths
    • Deals 100 collateral damage to humanoids


  • Armor givers now deletes t-shirts
  • Fixed armor giver issues for Slayer and War Machine
  • New Tactical Ghillie Suit armor
    • Toggle-able night vision
    • Unlockable for 10 Rebirths
    • Unique tactical suppressed rifle and pistol
  • Juggernaut Armor
    • Spiked shield now applies knockback to humanoids on kill
  • War Machine Armor
    • Buffed Shoulder Turret damage (10 to 15)
    • Buffed Shoulder Rockets damage (30 to 40)



    • Inspired by the A10 and KAC Chainsaw, this high fire rate 1000 round weapon will shred foes and zombies into pieces while keeping a cool style in battle. Achieve this badge by unlocking the WARHAWK in the special guns armory section.
  • Pulse Sniper

    • Kill endless lines of enemies with this high damage pulse triple beam sniper rifle. Achieve this badge by unlocking the PulseSniper in the special guns armory section.
  • Tactical Ghillie Suit
    Tactical Ghillie Suit

    • Eliminate enemies during the night equipped with tactical suppressed guns and toggle-able night vision that clears fog from your sight. Achieve this badge by equipping the Tactical Ghillie Suit in the armor wardrobe.