Survive Midnight Roadmap

Greetings! Here’s an overview of the Survive Midnight roadmap, outlining the status of various features and mechanics:

Live: Already released in the latest update
Pending: Scheduled for the next update
Cancelled: Scrapped and will not be released
Soon/Planned: Scheduled for future implementation

  • Shop Location (Soon/Planned)
  • Crucifix Light Shadows (Soon/Planned)
  • Killer AI Improvements (Soon/Planned)
  • Stats Location (Unsure)
  • Killer Crucifix Animations (Soon/Planned)
  • Modes Return (Soon/Planned)
  • Killer Theme Songs (Live)
  • Shop Rotation (Soon/Planned)
  • New Shop UI (Live)
  • New Stats UI (Live)
  • New Top UI (Live)
  • Shop Limiteds (Soon/Planned)
  • Shop Events (Soon/Planned)
  • More Leaderstats (Soon/Planned)
  • Update Names (Soon/Planned)
  • Disasters (Unsure)
  • Settings (Soon/Planned)
  • Story Continuation (Soon/Planned)
  • Quests (Cancelled)
  • Optional Boss Fights (Cancelled)
  • Map Expansions (Soon/Planned)
  • Reviving (Soon/Planned)
  • Thirst & Hunger (Unsure)