Survive The Disasters Ultra

Feeling inspired by all the Roblox games I’ve played for nearly twelve years now, I’ve decided to work on my own version of a Survive The Disasters game, called Survive The Disasters Ultra!



There are two currencies in this game: Credits and Diamonds. They use the symbols ₢ and ¤ respectively, and are used as rewards for surviving and certain events like achievements.

Credits (₢) are earned every round, and the amount depends on certain things like what disaster, your survival streak, and sometimes player count.

Diamonds (¤) are earned based on a player’s survival streak, giving them one for every five disasters survived. This makes them a lot harder to obtain, and are used as rewards for some achievements.

The Shop


The Shop is a GUI that can be used to buy items that can be helpful for surviving disasters. This includes Coils (Speed, Gravity, Regen), Weapons (Shuriken), and foods/drinks with various effects (burger that heals and increases max health, health potion that increases max health). Every item can be ranked up, increasing various stats. The amount of ranks depends on the item, with some having four and some others having 10.

Despair Mode


Despair Mode is only activated when no players have died at all for the entire duration of a map.

During Despair Mode, two disasters occur each round, increasing the difficulty greatly. The music is also changed, and the map’s colors are inverted. Credits rewarded are averaged between both disasters and tripled, giving much more than either would alone. Diamonds are doubled, giving two per five rounds.


You can try the game at Save data is temporary and will get reset when the game is complete. To help with testing, I’ve made a few commands that you can activate from chat:


/setCredits [number] & /setDiamonds [number]: Sets credits and diamonds, respectively.
/setItem [name] [rank]: Sets the rank of an item.
/resetItems: Sets the rank of all items back to 0, locking them.
/setStreak [number]: Sets your survival streak.
/setDead & /setLiving: Sets whether you’ve lost or have won/are winning a round.
/setTime [number]: Sets the time left in the round.
/spawnDisaster [id or name]: Will spawn a disaster on the map. Breaks the game a bit if used between rounds.
/setMap [id or name] & /setMapDespair [id or name]: Will change the map and respawn players. Both commands change whether the game is in despair mode or not.

Please let me know if there’s anything you think I should add or change. If you try the game, please let me know if you have any problems while playing.


I like the map you made. But you can improve your UI designs.

This is my feedback:

  • You can remove the background transparency that you have added for your UI designs.

  • You can make the shop still more detailed

  • You can add the round system for the Disasters.

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Thanks for the feedback! What details do you think I should add to the shop?
Also, the top of the screen, there’s text that switches over time which sometimes shows the current round. Is this what you mean?

First of all, good job on the game.

I feel that the map is empty and there is like a lot of free space. I think you should add a few things into it to fill up the space. Also, do you have plans to make a lobby or something? If not, I would suggest making one. That is up to you ofc.

I mean it is a new game, so I’m sure you will end up adding and improving it.

Also wanted to add that I did not really like the fog/atmosphere. Might be just me though.

Other than that good job!

Edit: I played around for a bit and, well, you got work to do mate. I won’t say much because it is a new game. What I will say is that you need to make the game more organized. I really don’t like the fact that you join the game, and then you gotta survive the disasters.

Like I said above, making a lobby would help a lot. Players joins and wait for the round to begin, unless you got different ideas. I also feel you could make a map selector, where players choose the maps. You could also make it random, all up to you.

Definitely hope you can add it into the game when I play again to see if you made any improvements.
All the best!


You can remove the background transparency that you have added to the UI.

Add UI corner to the shop


I’m not used to making maps that much, so I have no idea what to put in them.

I haven’t thought of making a lobby at all, since most games I’ve played that are similar don’t have one either. I’ll think about it a bit, but for now I’ve set it so that the player counts as dead when they join in. I’ve also fixed some disasters so they won’t hurt or target dead players.

Good to know! I will say you should learn more about maps, it will make your game a lot better tbh. Just the fact that it is all random once you join the game.

Reason why I recommended you to create a lobby is because, when players join, they gotta face against disasters straight away. Kinda like waves of it. I mean if you can think of alternatives, then go ahead.

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