Survive. the. night. | update log

Hello, Survive The Night Fans!

Here is the list of the updates i’ve made throughout these 2 weeks!
I will make logs here every 2 weeks.

Here is the Key, you’ll understand it more if you see it here.
.+ = ADD
( ) = NOTE
DEMON = SUBJECT 07, AKA THE ANTAGONIST OF THE GAME (demon is based off a nightmare i had and i’m bored in quarantine so i made this game.)

0.1.3_betav2 LOG:
M | Remade and improved heavily on Secret Lab’s design, along with a rebuild of the underground giving more lore
M- |Pathfinding AI was tweaked so it doesn’t stand still and spam the scream() function if in a glitch spot
.+ | Blood Moon and No Escape has been reworked to smoothly change ColorCorrection and give demon a bigger hitbox
M - Demon Damage for Blood Moon has been upgraded to 60, along with a bigger hitbox and faster attack rates. Demon Damage for No Escape has also been upgraded to 99.9 (instant ragdoll for those who somehow survive without a vest) with the same hitbox but higher attack rates.

M- |DayTimeSong has been reverted to the old version

X | Fixed UltraViolet Light’s lag when activated

.+ | Replaced Power System’s Click To Restore with a E to Restore GUI

.+ | Added a Temperature System 7/3/2020
X | Fixed Temperature System instantly going to 97.7 (the max) 7/5/2020
? | Working on making the Temperature System FE so Thirst And Hunger Damage don’t restore frostbite damage

.+ | Added a Slender-like bathroom maze in the map to confuse players being chased by demon

X | Patched a Anti-Cheat bug causing players to get kicked when they get ragdolled while falling off a great height (most of the time it’s the tower, since people think that’s a totally safe place to fight a demon)

X | Hopefully patched a AI pathfinding issue where demon decides headbanging into walls if stunned while activating BLOOD MOON or NO ESCAPE! 2020-07-08_00-36-10|video

If you haven’t seen these updates yet, check them out! I’d like to see some feedback as i have nothing to do in quarantine and i will be happy to accept suggestions!

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