Survivor Prime Guidelines

All of our previous Discord guidelines apply here, as well. For further information, please contact the owner of Survivor Prime, or Head of Production.

1) Don’t be rude. We hold no tolerance towards targeted harassment. Doing so will lead to a strike. Severe cases will lead to an unappealable ban.

1.1) The only exception that applies to this is if it is apart of your strategy. If targetted harassment between you and another user is found, an investigation will begin upon this statement.

2) Ableist, homosexual or overall racist/offensive comments or jokes will not be tolerated, under the circumstances that it is not targeted towards a specific person.

3) No sexual references are allowed, in any case whatsoever. Doing so will lead to a strike, or possibly a ban from the end of ROBLOX moderation.

4) You must abide by the instructions of production at all times. Failure to do so will lead to a strike, or depending on how severe the case is, an exile, exclusion or ban. This is appealable.

5) Use common sense, and abide by all ROBLOX Terms and Conditions while playing.

For more information on prizes or for more information, please refer back to the #rules channel in Discord.