Sussex County | Changelog

Sussex County Changelog

Update logs for Sussex County

Update 0.5.0

  • +16 new cars
  • +2 new buildings for civilians
  • +Bubble chat
  • +New buildings and building interiors
  • +SCSO Station overhauled
  • Additionally, a ton of bug fixes and game balances

Update 0.5.1

  • AMV UTV now has passenger seats…
  • Mitsubishi Lancer high beams no longer shine in the wrong direction…
  • Chevrolet Silverado no longer reverses like a sloth…

Update 0.6


  • -New station
  • -Added Brush Truck
  • -Added Tahoe
  • -Removed Explorer
  • -New livery for all fleet vehicles
  • -Fire generation added back
  • -Helicopter model upgraded to Blizzard r9
  • -Place-able tools added (thank you pure)


  • -Improved ELS
  • -Sub Station Completion
  • -Added rollback
  • -Place-able tools added (thank you pure)


  • -Added Radar
  • -Some livery updates
  • -Helicopter model upgraded to Blizzard r9
  • -Place-able tools added (thank you pure)


  • -Interchange layouts revamped (no more lights on the highway)
  • -Highway signage added
  • -Flag plaza removed (in favor of something more visually appealing)
  • -Fire lanes assigned
  • -One way and Wrong way signs added in downtown
  • -Glenwood has received a facelift

Known bugs

  • -FLIR in the DSP helicopter will turn your game green if you use it. This an issue with the script on Blizzards side and we are waiting for a response from their developers to fix it.
  • -Towing system can glitch out cars. It’ll be a long sec before this is fluent so do your best.
  • -Tow truck also can sometimes spawn in a wall, just respawn until its not.
  • -Placement tool is a bit of guesswork and will have a hologram soon to know what is being placed