Sussy Soda?! 0-0

wow, just wow… no words can describe this

I didn’t make this to be a UGC or game item. I just made it cause I just wanted to texture something.

edit: typo fix

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Also how did you get that boarder effect? (A outline)

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But it is English. What do I even need to translate?

Why in the world does this have 50 likes, well I understand why but… 50 likes is a lot. I guess loads of people are going to but sussy soda.

If you drink sussy soda you will be the imposter! :flushed:
Anyways I like your soda! :laughing:

Can I buy the product for… um… research purposes?

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I got that border effect using Photoshop. The soda can’s were rendered so that the background was transparent. This allowed me to double click on the soda can layer in Photoshop and then add an outer glow layer effect.

Yes. Yes you can buy it. Friend me on Discord at Nokturat #9889. It is 100 Robux.

I feel like you should get a nutrition label from a soda instead of some meat

But it is sussy soda. Meaning that whatever is in it is sus. Meat in a soda can is sus.

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