SwedishRaptor Portfolio | Programmer, Artist and Builder

Hello there, my name is SwedishRaptor and I am a 15-year-old programmer, artist and builder. I have skills and knowledge acquired through my own efforts without formal training. I am able to work with several associates and I am a social person that is extroverted. Every day, I work hard to learn something new in order to expect result.

Coding Language(s): LUA
Software(s) I use: Roblox Studio, Visual Studio Code, blender, paint (.net version), Adobe Premiere Pro 2023

Did you know that I contributed a whole map to a famous game with 7.1M+ visits called Dark Eccentric’s Script Builder?

Disclaimer: Everything here will/might be contemporized in the future.

Henchmen GFX

Made in contribution for my favorite game, Boulevard City

ViewModel Handling

Notification Cards / Player Interface

image (1)

Custom ProximityPrompt

Simple Menu

Lincoln Log Cabin

My timezone is Central European Time (CET). I am available during the weekends and holidays. I can work all day long (8 hours) without any interruption.

Prices are negotiable, I accept the payment once the given task is done, but you can feel free to pay me before the task is done if you wish to do so. I take EUR into accountance.

You may contact me on the Developer Forum, on Discord or via my Roblox messages. My Discord name and tag is Krimo#4434
If you have any supplementary questions, feel free to reply under this portfolio or contact me by the mentioned.