Swift - UI Size Plugin


Swift is a great tool for UI Designers to manage the size of their interface.
This plugin includes two options: Scale and Offset.
These can be used for multiple objects at the same time.
The plugin will display their class icon and the name of the object in a list.

  • Pictures

Example 1 Example 2

  • Installation
    Roblox > Swift
    Local > Swift.rbxmx

  • Extra
    Reply to this post if there’s any Bugs or you have Feedback for the plugin! It would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve released a patch to a “bug” which would not allow you to use the scale option on children of a GUI object, make sure to click the update on the plugin manager.
All download links such as local download have been updated.

Another update, Added history to the changes made with the plugin, you are now allowed to use UIGridLayout to change the CellSize from scale to offset or the opposite.

This plugin has worked so well for me thank you!

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Doesn’t autoscale do the same thing? Like, what’s the point making something that already existed in the marketplace?

Swift offers a few different features: Better Interface ( Displays the GUI objects you’ve selected with it’s ClassIcon ), you can also convert UIGridLayout CellSize from Scale To Offset or the opposite, I’m also updating the plugin every sometimes if there’s any bugs or any new features that come to my mind. All of this for free, though I have no bad feelings about autoscale I think it’s a great plugin which I’ve used before myself. If you got any questions reply to this comment!

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I’ve had this plugin sitting for some months before release so I’ve been actively just working on improving the code and making it easier for me to change stuff, UI Took a while to make since yeah it’s a plugin UI and support for plugins isn’t the best ui wise. Might also improve it in the next patch. Also looking to add some paid features that other scale plugins have for free because I have no reason to earn money from this its a resource.