SwiftBar Plugin

What is SwiftBar?

SwiftBar is a Roblox Studio plugin which is designed to replicate a spotlight search bar (as seen in MacOS and other operating systems), with more than just a search feature. SwiftBar, also referred to as ‘The Bar’, helps developers efficiently perform tasks within studio without having to use your mouse. The efficiency applied from the plugin relys purely on the users muscle memory with commands and shortcuts.

How to use SwiftBar

First time using it?

You may be prompted to setup the Plugin before using. This will only take a sec.
In the future, if you may need to reset the Plugin settings, you can reset it by uninstalling/reinstalling or running the “reset confirm” command in the Bar.

Enable the Bar by running the command SHIFT + F
The Plugin button as of V1 doesn’t do anything!
as of version 1.0 ˆ

Confused what commands there are? Run the command “help” or visit the Commands page here!

Here’s a preview of some of the commands!

Thumbnail photos

Want SwiftBar?

Purchase it here!
Questions/concerns/bug reports? Send them here.


Future updates to come! Reminder, this is an early version, more features to come.
Made entirely by myself.


This plugin looks really cool, especially for lazy people like me. I will definitely look into purchasing it when more features are released. :smile:


the plugin looks INSANE! The UI is VERY Modernized.


Holy cow that looks soo good, I’m gonna see if i can buy it today or tomorrow.

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thats so cool! i wish i could purchase but i am too broke.


Congratulations, you made it look better than MacOS Spotlight :clap:

I love how the user can type a command and SwiftBar translates that into a visible question!

The code was pretty much a nightmare to go through though (all those blank lines :see_no_evil:), but that’s not really a problem for a just-released MVP. I’m happy to help on improving that one!

All in all, it has a great potential, and this can surely end up in improving the developer experience!


the UI? holy moly, chefs kiss :ok_hand::ok_hand:


cool plugin, in one of the plugin update, can you make that we can create our own command?

I must say, I’m no UI designer however this is beautiful.
Will edit when I try it out once I wake up.

++Kudos, had to show support, enjoy the bobux :slight_smile: thanks for the plugin

As someone who has no scripting knowledge at all this is super cool to me as now creating simple scripts won’t be a 20 minute long process trying to use google and youtube to help me.

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Is the AI using the same Roblox AI?

With the news Roblox is adding assistant with a api this could get very very good

Amazing GUI. Great and handy tool for lazy people like I.

Would it be alright with you if I use the gui design, animations etc for my self? I am in no way a gui designer/animator but thought I would ask to make sure it is alright with you.

Also enjoy the robux. I would have been happy to pay 200 or more.

Edit: Some issue I found when trying to use the /script command after enabling experiments:

  HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error)  -  Edit - barclient:1828
  22:10:25.543  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  22:10:25.543  Script 'cloud_14451262861.SwiftBar.swiftbar.barclient', Line 1828  -  CoreScript - barclient:1828
  22:10:25.543  Stack End  -  Studio

I have given it all permissions and http type permission on my game are enabled. I believe this is an issue with the repl server.

Hi Thatguy! Thank you so much for your support. I’ve experimented with the issue and was able to successfully replicate it (and I believe I know what went wrong!). A fixed should be pushed later today.

As much as I appreciate your support, please keep in mind that every aspect of the plugin which was created/designed by me cannot be taken for external use. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can contact me through my Discord server which is linked in the OP :))

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Hey! Happy to help. And thanks for answering about the question for usage of your gui. I cant wait to see this project expand! Also a quick suggestion. if there are any kind of connection issues thrown I suggest you stop the prompt from continuing. It causes users to need to restart their studio.

This plugin uses ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo as its AI assistant, so I don’t think it’s special on the scripting side for you and me, but other than that, It’s a great plugin with many features and a wonderful UI.

For luau related stuff, GitHub Copilot is a great option for those who don’t know much about Lua or struggle to learn it so there’s ya helpful tip

I dug into the code and I won’t show any of it here for privacy reasons but I was wondering why you have AI offline even though people bought it for this reason. It is currently commented out in the code?

Hi there, providing AI functionality within the plugin is a VERY expensive feature to run. Previously we had methods to provide it to users without the need of payment, but issues with OpenAI has forced us to consider changing our ways of providing the feature as we’re no longer able to provide free usage. If the feature was to be used, an error would be presented, which is why all commands with AI functionality have been disabled temporarily. I’m actively working on a fix to introduce the command back to the players without having to break the bank. I appreciate your/everyones support on this matter.

Okay no worries just thought it was interesting. Thanks for the response!!! Also love the clean UI

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