Swift's Cafe game

Hello and I am currently working on a Cafe game called “Swift’s Cafe”
This cafe is based off my imagination and I need people to see how good it is.
I will provide screenshots of my Game and a Link. Keep in mind this is not the finished project it is still in the works!


While it looks good I can see some improvements you decided to make the layout of the cafe and design looks nice, however I feel like the entire building being one material just looks a little off normally focus on the outside structure.

However the interior look decent my only issue with your build is the floor material I can see a lot of the wood planks aren’t lined together some are rushed consider fixing that a bit more to make the cafe look better. I’m not a huge fan of the materials or colors you added to the whole entire chairs I would recommend finding a better material the wood planks doesn’t seem to match with the building make it have a more welcoming feel.

Something what you’ll see when visiting cafes they usually have a light hanging from the ceiling such as chandelier, something like that could add a nice start. Such as more seating, tables and chairs, maybe some potted plants and decor in the front of cafe to create a better atmosphere pictures ect. Consider looking at this image below to get a better understanding on what I’m talking about.


I’d say make the roof bigger and make the bottom of the roof stand out more, I like the not a lot of parts thing but I also like to see better UI, maybe use Imagebuttons and make a shop button with a photo editor like photoshop.

It looks pretty good! My suggestions are though:

  • like @TecoMS_SMHome said, make the roof bigger
  • Try to make it a little less blocky, so its more eye catching
  • Try to space out th tables a little more just so that theres some open space to walk or talk

But other than those suggestions, I think you did a pretty good job! :smile: