Swim For Admin | SFA Rules

Everyone has the right to play the game, but rules must be followed for each player’s experiences to be enjoyable. Please note that any moderator in our group has the right to take the necessary action towards you if necessary. Staff can and will actively enforce these rules in-game and uphold the right to do so, as it is their duty. These rules are outlined to provide a safe and welcoming experience to all players in our game. Failure to follow these rules while in-game can result in you being punished up to a permanent game ban.

The rules listed below apply to all players in Swim For Admin.

1. Admin abusing is prohibited.

  • Every player in the game has the ability to use admin commands. However, using admin to abuse or to disrupt the game flow is not allowed. This includes all types of spam for example spam killing, killing and many more, etc…

2. Chat spamming.

  • Do not flood the chat with any spamming. It will be counted as spamming, if you say any word or letter three times in a row in less than a couple of seconds.

3. Use admin commands in a good way.

  • Some commands like music and gear are available to everyone. However, you should not be using any admin commands in a not suitable way. This includes playing loud/inappropriate music, or inserting gears that will disrupt the game flow and everything else.

4. Advertising.

  • Do not advertise anything in the game. For example, saying “join this group”, will not be allowed. There are ways you can advertise, such as running ads on the Roblox website, etc…

5. Report Button.

  • This feature allows players to report about a player or an in-game issue or if you have any suggestions or feedbacks that you’d like us to fix or add to the game. Spam using this feature is prohibited and will result in consequences.

6. Using in-game tools [F3X].

  • F3X building tool is an advanced building tool provided in the game for everyone to use. Players have the advantage of building anything they want that comes to their mind. All builds must be appropriate. If this tool was used in a inappropriate way, action will be taken against the player(s) and will also face consequences.


  • In the game we offer 2 gamepasses [V I P] and [ADMIN] for a higher admin rank and are given more commands to use. Abuse of the gamepasses will result in serious consequences. Administrators have full authority to take action and will also remove your rank if needed. There is no refund for any of the gamepasses.

8. ADMIN Rank abuse.

  • The ADMIN gamepass grants many commands to use, one of the commands is “kick”. Using kick command to spam, revenge, abuse, etc… is strictly prohibited and will face consequences. Administrators can take action against your

9. Harassing.

  • Do not ever harass anyone playing our game. This basically means you keep doing something, when they’ve already told you to stop. For example: Insulting, Threatening, etc…

10. Other Rules.

Any violation of the rules above will result in consequences, rules may update at any time and you are responsible to check it out regularly. You are responsible for your actions.