Swimable part / Fake water

Does anybody know how to make swimable part or fake water


Unfortunatley, as far as I know, roblox doesn’t provide a way to directly make fake water. So you will have to do the following steps,

  • Use Humanoid:SetStateEnabled to disable all other states such as falling and walking.
  • Force the player into the swimming state and set their gravity to 0

Unfortunately, though, this creates major issues with the player being able to swim up into the stratosphere. As far as I know, the only way to fix these bugs is by forcibly setting their velocity when they exit the water. If anyone else has a better solution to this. Please let me know as I have run into this same issue. I really hope Roblox has some sort of built-in thing for this, but I haven’t found anything so far.

You could also if you wanted to make fake water without using Roblox swimming, you could just push the player to the top of the water.

i dont need that one but thanks for

Also, as I forgot to specify this in my original post, you use Humanoid:ChangeState() to force them into swimming.

yeah i already did that thanks for saying

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