Swimming in First-Person is buggy

Whenever I swim in first person, my player gets dragged around in random directions. At first I thought it was the idle camera offset, but even after I made it turn off when swimming, I still get dragged around.
Though this may be a coincidence, but it did feel like I was getting dragged around less once I turned it off.
However, I’m still being dragged and it’s really messing things up, is there any way to fix this?

Also as a side note if it wasn’t noticeable, when I’m zoomed out/not in first person it works completely fine.


There could be something clamped to the camera itself that’s colliding with the player

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It was the first person script I had. Thanks

How would I be able to change the part so that it doesn’t effect the camera movement? I tried making it massless, however that didn’t seem to help.

I just made it so that the first person arms are disabled whenever the player is swimming.

just set the cancollide property lol