Swing Simulator - Update Log

Swing Simulator - Update Log


  • New Easter Event!
  • Knife & Sword Shop have been re-mastered.
  • Items now have Icons!
  • New Egg Sword + Knife.
  • Easter Event Teleport.
  • All knife cooldowns are fixed.

Some icons ARE NOT in yet. Will be fixed soon.

Live Event Details

Mark your calendars! The live event is taking place 25th April 2021, at 17:00 PM GMT. The live event timings include:

  • 60 Second waiting time to be teleported to the Event Holder.
  • 205 Second waiting time for the event to be fully loaded and for players to join.
  • At the end, players will wait 286 seconds for the event to finish up and be teleported back to Swing Simulator.

We can’t share any more information about the event, but, make sure you’re ready as this will change the future of the Story Line forever.

Update Archive



  • Birthday Event!
  • Limited Time Birthday Item!
  • Birthday Cakes that give Swing!
  • Two new Star Items!
  • Remodelled Sell Point.
  • Bug Fixes.


  • New Star Item - flashingdyl’s Developing Trophy
  • Re-modelled Star Items (Jelly’s Trophy + Skull)
  • Changed re-modelled Star Items names
  • New DropShip!
  • Exclusive DropShip Deals.
  • Star Players now have their own section in the shop.
  • New Private Server Perks. You can now change the day and night cycle + Spawn in teleports to past gamemodes.
  • New Soft Shutdown (testing + for future updates)

Added Details

  • DropShip Deals include: Mini Statue, Mini DropShip and Ro-Tab 5000.
  • Portals have been moved to the Portal Pad.
  • The DropShip is a sperate game only to be accessed via the DropShip Portal.
  • Removed Prestige Levels.
  • Starter Knife cooldown fixed.
  • New Intro - Intro is more better, and designed.
  • Old Intro removed. This Intro was not as clean as designed.
  • Few Ui Changes.
  • Help with Lag Issues.
  • Fixed most bugs.
  • Swing Pass Fully Fixed.


  • New Saber Collection Items.
  • Green, Pink, Gold, Blue, Red, White, Black and Multi Dual Sabers!
  • New Code: NewSabers
  • NPC’s Idles have been updated.
  • More Coming soon in future V6.5 Update’s.


  • Added Detective NPC.
  • Codes are back! (In testing)
  • Saber Collection is back!
  • Added Saber Collection Shop.
  • Changed Green, Pink, Blue, Black, Gold and White Sabers Price + Swing Per Click.
  • Changed VIP Door Transparency to 0.7.
  • Legacy Map Teleport is back.
  • Removed the ‘Coming Soon…’ Sign.
  • Added VIP Sell. 3x Swing when you sell!
  • Tiny Bug Fixes.


  • Disabled Legacy Map Teleport.
  • Removed Seasonal VIP Gui. Sword was not working, and the Gui would disappear every time you respawned.
  • Changes on Prestige Levels. Added multipliers that are only here for testing, if they work, we will keep them in game after 10/2/2021.
  • Changed Azure Sword Price. Azure Swords Price has been reduced from 2,500 to 200.

Important Information

The changes on Prestige Levels will be tested immediately, and will be gone by 25/1/2021 if the multipliers don’t work.


V6.3 + V6.3.1

  • Re-added Emotes. They’re here to stay permanently.
  • New Scientist NPC. You’re able to speak with him, he will tell you his personal thoughts, what he knows and secrets.
  • Little Bug Fixes. We’ve fixed a few bug’s with the Emote UI, and, the Codes. Codes are still disabled.
  • Added VIP Shop. Only accessible in the VIP Area.
  • Added VIP Sword. Sword changes every Season, after that the previous VIP Sword will be in the shop with changed name, swing, and price.


  • Updated UI.
  • New Swords.
  • Swing Pass: Season 6.
  • Updated Map.
  • Codes are gone [Limited Time Only].
  • Bug Fixes.

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