Swing Simulator!


Swing Simulator Information

General Information


Swing is the main source of currency. You can earn Swing by using the Items which can be found in the Shops.


Coins are Swing Simulators money. You can earn coins by selling your Swing at the Sell Points. Coins are used to purchase any Item available in the Shops.


There are big changes coming to Rebirthing. Rebirths in Swing Simulator are a bit different to other games Rebirth system. Rebirthing allows you to purchase better versions of Items that are in the Shops. You can also purchase Rebirth exclusive items. [COMING SOON]


Codes in Swing Simulator are a way for players to gain Swing Bonuses. These extra bits of Swing aren’t huge amounts but always help when in need of gaining a new Item. Codes are normally given out on Twitter.

Item Information

AzureSwordRaw Azure Sword

Items in Swing Simulator, such as the Azure Sword above, contain certain specialties listed below;

Swing Per Click,

Items Price, Swing Per Click and Cooldowns depend on the Item itself. For example, the Shop Swords will always have a cooldown of 2 seconds. But, Items in the Knife Shop either have a cooldown of 1 or 2 seconds.

Other Information

Swing simulator is still under heavy development. New features are always being added, and stuff is always being changed.

Update Logs are on another post related to Swing Simulator. Find it here:

Shop Information

With our recent updates, we’ve added a new clean shop UI for both, the shop and the knife shop. This new UI included pages which made it much more easier to update it.

When purchasing an Item, your coins will not be removed from your account. This feature will be changed soon.

Some Knife Shop Items do not have an image. This is because the images were low pixels, and we are working on new images for all items.

Live Event Information

After each Season of Swing Simulator has concluded, we normally have an end-of-season event. This event will help boost everyone’s knowledge about the current story behind Swing Simulator.

We normally do Live Events to give the game a bit more of a fun aspect towards our targeted player base. Live Events also help with changes to the game and gives a mysterious sense to the game when the events are about to show.

Live Events aren’t always confirmed, but we usually have one at the end of each Season. Please don’t believe anyone saying that there’s a live event going on soon. The only trusted sources for live events are the Update Log Post, the Developer and Star Players/Testers.

Anyone other than the trusted sources saying there is a live event is lying and you shouldn’t believe them. There’s always a timer leading to events in-game so you always know when an event is coming up.

Contact Information


To get in contact with us, you need to use Twitter since that is our main contact source. If you have any struggles, contact our Help page.

For ideas, news or concept art, visit the Swing Simulator page;

For group information and more, visit the Treatmentfrom Games Official account;

To report any bugs, or get news on bugs, visit the Treatmentfrom Game Help and Support page;

To join our group and receive news on codes, the game and more, visit the Treatmentfrom Games group;