Swirlify | Interview Guide

This interview guide will help you when interview’s start! Make sure to ask HR+ questions! You’ll need to know and the questions you will be asking your interviewees as well as the interview procedure and tips so that you can successfully host the session and interview attending interviewees.


  • Co-Host (Will take over if host AFK)
  • Use /c system (Command Bar).
  • Need a promoter/ranker to rank the passer.
  • So many staff will excess some of the staff, please make sure to kick them, because we no need a spectator role for the session.

Session Shout

Swirlify | Interview session is hosted by me! Make sure to join to get a promotion as LR and you can start working at parlor! Why you do not join to get the promotion for working hard?

Swirlify | Session Time (TIME) is locked! Try next time if you’re missed the session! Why you do not join the parlor and waiting for the next session is come?

Swirlify | Interview hosted by (NAME) is concluded! Congratulations on the passer! We hope you can work at parlor and active!

Beginning Portion’s

M Salutations, Welcome to Interview Session (TIME) I am (NAME), I will be your host today and I will give you a guide on how to pass in this session, listen to me carefully!

When the host already does the greetings, Co-Host may do the greetings too! Make sure to do proper greetings!


M Pay attention to your interviewer for instructions during each section of the interview to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

M Copy and pasting during this session will result in a failing and removal from the server. If you are caught cheating in any way during this session, you will be removed from the server.

M Proper grammar is a must and should be shown at all times. Failure to use proper grammar could result in your demotion and removal from the session.

M We ask that you do not go AFK during this session. If you go AFK, we ask that you inform your interviewer. If you take longer than expected, however, you will be removed from the server.

M Respect must be shown towards the staff and your fellow staff at all times. Failure to show respect towards each other will result in a kick from the server, along with a possible demotion.

Pick interviewees

You may pick random user/people’s, once you walk up to them say: Hello, I’m (NAME) I have picked you to be my interviewees in this session! Follow me in the office to get interviewed!

You may pick your office random room available.

Beginning Portion

Greetings, I’m (NAME) I will be your interviewers today! Make sure to listen carefully! Maybe this info will help you passed this session!

You will have III grammar strikes if you reach III+ grammar strikes you will fail in this session!

AFK in this section is not supportable, make sure to ask Host permission to AFK!

You will get ranked as LR (Trainees) for working hard for us (Swirlify)!

Any questions before we start?

Excellent, let’s start!

Interview Question

[1] Why you want to work with us?

[2] How you benefit us?

[3] Rate your activity scale I-IO

[4] If you ranked as Trainee’s, what do you do as Trainee’s rank?

[5] If you see some exploiter what do you do?

[6] If you see some troller has to troll around what do you do?

Congratulations, you have finished this interview question! Let me PM some of the rankers to rank you!

Ranker Portion

Greetings, I’m (NAME)! Give me a moment to check your answer!

  • Passed

Congratulations, you have passed this section! Give me a moment to rank you!

  • Ranked

Congratulations, you have been ranked! Make sure to attend the training and be active!

  • Fail

Unfortunately, you are failed in this section try next time for a chance!