Swiss | Staff Handbook


Hello Staff Members of Swiss Craft Kitchen! This handbook is to assist you how to use your given tools properly, how to perform while on game, and other things here and there.
Please do not share this handbook to anyone outside of the Staff Team

General Staff Rules

The Staff Team in Swiss Craft Kitchen is an exclusive position and should be taken seriously. You are required to follow all the rules stated.

  • You are required to use grammar at all times and at any event
    Gamenights are excluded
  • You are required to use maturity at any situation
    Gamenights are exluded
  • Respect everyone around you.
  • Faces such as “XD” or “^_^” are not allowed.
    :slight_smile: and :wink: are the only allowed faces
  • Treat everyone and everything with care.
  • Do not ask for promotions
  • Packages are not allowed.
    Any and all trollers receive 1 warning. After warning them, ask for a Head of Front+ for assistance.
    All exploiters should be banned, so grab sufficient evidence for a Shift Manager+ to ban them.

Host/Hostess Section

The Host/Hostess of the game are there to seat, welcome, and assist any guests. Host/Hostess greet the customers with something similar than this “Welcome to Swiss! My name is [NAME], how many people are in your party today/tonight?”.

  • Make sure you are nice to the customers with care and a respectful manner.

Host/Hostess may take care of customer service if the front is already full. To greet a customer at the customer service area, this is how you should greet them.
“Welcome to the Customer Service table at Swiss! How may I assist you today?”
Try your best to answer the question. If you’re unable to, ask another staff member.

Host/Hostess should maintain a formal attitude when dealing with disruptive customers.

Waiter/Waitress Section

The Waiters/Waitresses are the customer’s order takers. The Waiter or Waitress will go to the table they were assigned to and take the orders in these steps.

  1. Ask if they would like a drink.
  2. Take the drink order to the Culinary Employee’s booth.
  3. Retrieve the drink from the Culinary Employee.
  4. Allow them to drink and give them time to order.
  5. Ask if they’re ready to order.
  6. Take the order to the kitchen.
  7. Wait for the Culinary Employee to be finished making the food.

Waiters/Waitress should maintain a formal attitude when dealing with disruptive customers.

Culinary Employee Section

The Culinary Employees are the chefs of the group. Their duty is to retrieve the order from waiter/waitress and prepare it.

Culinary Employees should make a line in the kitchen ready to take on any order.

Cooking / Preparing

The only cooking and preparing material is the raw steaks. Steak can be cooked by grabbing meat from the fridge and bringing it to the frill.


All Drinks require the following:

  • Cup
  • Soda Mix
  • The flavor

Water does not need soda mix