Switch to Classic View Issue

The “Switch to Classic View” button in ROBLOX Studio is not functional. It should bring the user to their Develop page.

This bug was not occurring last night so a recent change must have caused it.

Example of the bug:


Thanks for reporting this issue, we are looking into it.

We are going to fix this issue. Out of curiosity, why do you use classic view? Are there any features you wish the current start page had?

I am working on a place with team create enabled that is owned by a separate user. I have to go

Search->username->Click user->Inventory->Places->Placename->[…]->Edit


I honestly wish the start page was a bit more like the develop page.
The start page makes it tough to find/manage all of your assets within studio, just due to a lack of information.

A few features I wish it had:

  • Ability to configure Games/Places/Assets (Drop-down options)
  • Ability to view Models/Decals/Audios/etc (that aren’t specific to one game)
  • Ability to set a Place Active/Inactive
  • Place stats, last update, visitors, etc
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It’s generally a nicer way to create places if you want to use a terrain or pre-configured template without using a web browser.

It would be really nice to also have a shared previous places panel, where you can access any places you accessed account-wide, rather than locally - especially useful for people who switch computers often (like me)