Switching the start place of an experience

The Premise

When planning out the title screen for a game I am working on with a friend, I decided that a title screen in a separate Roblox place (e.g. Deepwoken) would be the most effective for several reasons (multiple character slots etc). I made a new place under the experience, but…

The Problem

The start place of the experience seems to be locked to the main game. I’ve taken a look around the devforum and Youtube on this, but can’t find a clear-cut solution. I could save the main game to the new place then turn the current main game place into the title screen, but that would lose user data and is a last resort. I’m really looking for any other way before I do that.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything. Thanks in advance!

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You could insert a script in the main start place that instantly teleports users to the desired subplace, making any user data still being saved.

Do read this Roblox Doc for handling TeleportService failures too, in case users encounter one when being teleported.

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