Sword Animation Pack

Today I had the pleasure to create a neat sword animation pack! Feel free to give your thoughts on the animations! (For your ease of use I am splitting them up into categories!)

Idle And Idle Transition

Attack Animations

Defense Animations

On a scale of 1-10 how good are my animations?
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Should I open source the animations?
  • Yeah!
  • Nope!

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The two i liked the most were the idle and the block one, tbh the rest look more like dancing animations for some reason, kinda need more movement to express the player state but maybe its just me who thinks that,

and yea if you would open source them that would be very helpful for a lot of people not only to make games but also to play around with them and learn how to make similar ones,

lastly I wanted to ask about the kind of software your using to make these animations, that might be a dumb question since i don’t know much about animation but i have been learning about them for the past couple weeks and definitely want to master animating with my current scripting skills, thanks in advance


I use blender for my animations.

And I agree with what you said and I really thank you for the feedback!

I will most definitely be open sourcing the either later tonight or tomorrow!

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