Sword breaks blender rig?

So I checked with alot of people for this. Moon Animator Discord, Blender Discord, and another blender animator, FutureNoob. Yet we all ran into problems with it and coudnt figure it out.

Heres the problem: The sword bugs the entire scene when moved, rotated, or scaled

File in question

sword_test (2).blend (2.0 MB)
Unmodified rig (without changes listed below)
sword test.blend (2.3 MB)

What it looks like. When moved.

The methods we tried.

1: Adding another rig ontop of og rig and then having a bone for the sword

Problem: Ended up just making the rig impossible too use and too messy making it worse)

2: Autokey remove

Problem: No keyframes actually set in so it didnt work and when you did manual frames it just led too the same problem

3: Modifying the child-of constraint

Problem: Just didn’t work and the only thing It fixed was the scale issue.

If your able too somehow fix this please tell me ive been working on this for 2 days now with no solution. This animation is suppose too be for a collab so I wanna try and get this done quickly without delay.

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After doing some tweaks the rig works now. But I have too make multiple blend files if I need too make different animations for it too save.

(Animating on different lines makes it so the rig doesn’t break everything and the sword works fine expect with some weird twitching.)

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