Sword FFA - 10/4/19, Update 2!

Today is basically the first official Sword FFA update. (released on october 3rd, 2019) this update includes lag and bug fixes, and some improvements!

Updates Log V.02:

Lag fixes:

  • Fixed lag when joining
  • Fixed some lag while swinging the sword

Bug fixes:

  • None.

Improvements / Building Updates:

  • Fixed spawns. No more spawning under the map!
  • Got rid of some trees.

What to expect in the next few updates…

New updated map. (maybe a town or dock)
New sword.
Maybe a new character to spawn with.
Matches. (time, points, etc)

As always you can test Sword FFA here.

Currently in a pre-alpha state, expect it to be bad as it’s my first game I’ve basically ever released towards the public.
Follow me on twitter for updates and notes, @iiZescah.

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