Sword Fight and Steal Time - Reward For Kills

I own a sword fight and steal time experience and I want to have this thing like when players reach a specific amount of kills then they get a tool that’s located in lightning or something.

If you can help then please tell me what type of script to paste the script in, where to place the script too.

Hoping for someone to help.

Reminder that this is scripting support, i.e. you come here for support with ideas or an error, not for someone to write you a whole script. What you’re trying to do is pretty simple so I suggest you learn how to script or hire a scripter.

Make an event where when the player killcount changes, the script checks if the killcount is equal to or more than the amount of kills you want for a certain item. You can use “.Changed” event if it’s a number value. However, if you don’t know how to code at all, then I suggest you start learning about it here: Introduction to Scripting | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub Because if you won’t do that then you won’t be able to create good games on your own.