Sword Fights on the Heights IV: Unsheathed Sneak Peaks


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Sneak Peak 2/22/2020

Introducing the Earthshatterer!
The Earthshatterer is a new long sword which deals a base damage of 10, lunge damage of 20, and an overhead damage of 40. The Earthshatterer summons a temporary earth shield when you preform an overhead attack.

Earthshatterer in its natural habitat
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Activating the earth shield

Sneak Peak 2/23/2020

Type Weaknesses
Each sword has stronger weaker or no effects to other swords for example:
Darkheart: Deals 1.5x more damage to Illumina users.
Earthshatterer: An unannounced sword’s effects will be nullified.
Firebrand: Simular to the original game, firebrand users cannot be frozen by the ice dagger.
Ghostwalker: Deals 1.5x damage to other ghostwalker users.
Ice Dagger: Immediately freezes earthshatterer users even if ice dagger isn’t charged yet.
Illumina: Deals 1.5x more damage to Darkheart users.
Venomshank: Cannot be poisoned by other venomshank users as well as a new unannounced sword.
Windforce: Increases the knockback to firebrand users.

Sneak Peak 2/24/2020:

Introducing the Plasmasphere!
The Plasmashere is a pink ball that acts like a time bomb. Be wise because when you use it, it disappears from your inventory.

The Plasmasphere in it’s natural habitat.
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Plasmasphere exploding

Sneak Peak 2/26/2020

Sorry I wasn’t active yesterday, I was studying for midterms. I will post 2 sneak peaks today, first yesterday’s and next today’s.
Introducing the Lightningbreaker!
The Lightningbreaker is a new sword which deals a base damage of 5, lunge damage of 7.5, and an overhead damage of 10. You may have noticed the damage values are really low, that’s because the Lightningbreaker After charging for 7 seconds, if you hit someone they will be stunned for 3 seconds. Its strength is against Winforce users. When you hit them, they will be stunned even if the Lightningbreaker isn’t charged yet. It’s weakness is Earthshatterer users, because hitting them fully charged will not stun them.

Lightningbreaker in its natural habitat
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Stunning another player

Introducing the Speedsphere!
The Speedsphere increases your walkspeed. It’s simple yet helpful for running away from battles.

The Speedsphere in its natural habitat
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Makes you go pretty fast

Sneak Peak 2/27/2020

Balancing Changes
I made the Firebrand more powerful by boosting its damage to have a base damage of 10, lunge damage of 20, and an overhead damage of 40 since I felt like it was severly underpowered. I thought about adding a fire effect, but I thought that it would make it too similar to the venomshank (I might add it in the future if there is enough demand). I also nerfed the Ice Dagger to make it take 10 seconds to charge rather than 3. (Sorry about the short post today. I will post something bigger tomorrow.)

Sneak Peak 2/28/2020

Revamped Areas
I made certain areas more lively and added more details. Here are my two favorite revamps:

Firebrand Area

Darkheart Area

Sneak Peak 2/29/2020

Introducing the Vibewalker!
This sword is probably one of the most unique swords in the game. It poisons like a venomshank, gives you a jump boost like a ghostwalker, and increases your speed. Its base damage is 10, lunge damage is 20, and overhead damage is 40. It’s strength is that the user cannot be poisoned by venomshank users or other vibewalker users. You may be thinking, dang this is overpowered, but I made it so that you have to really work for it. In order to obtain the vibewalker you must collect all 7 of the original swords. I may have to nerf it in the future, but I’ll see how it goes at launch.
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Obtaining the Vibewalker
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Poison Effect

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