Sword Mania Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

This is a quick start guide for Sword Mania to get you familiar with the controls of the movement and combat system! Sword Mania is a sword-fighting game where the objective is to get the most kills in a free-for-all round.

Movement System

Sword Mania’s game-play is built around a movement system where you can slide, bullet jump and double jump.

  • Hold CTRL or C to Slide
  • Press SPACE while sliding to bullet jump
  • Press SPACE after jumping to double jump

Aiming in front of your character will make the direction of your bullet/double jump more horizontal, while aiming to the ground or sky will make your bullet/double jump more vertical.

Sliding, bullet jumping and double jumping uses stamina. If you use all of your stamina, you will need to wait for it to recharge half-way before using more bullet/double jumps or slides.


Combat System

To attack with your sword, simply click MB1. There are three different attack animations played one after another.

Hitting enemies with the tip of your sword performs a tipper strike, dealing more damage. You will know if you have hit a tipper when a blue indicator is shown.

There is a random chance to perform a critical strike, which deals more damage. An attack can be both a critical and a tipper strike! Criticals are represented with a pink indicator.


Abilities can be equipped in the menu and activated in game by pressing E. They have a 30 second cool-down in between uses.
More abilities are coming very soon!

Good luck and happy fighting!