Sword model opinions please

So I made this model, I’m trying out color blender since I suck at it

What’s your guys opinion?

7k tris, 2h taken

(The disco ball thing is intentional, supposed to represent imbalance since the idea I got this from is a futuristic Japan with war between 4 nations)

I’m gonna be working on character modelling next aswell as armours etc, and I need to learn anime textures cause admit it, Anime texture look really good in ROBLOX (Imo atleast)



Eastern-styled war between 4 nations… :thinking:

I like this sword! What did you use to make this?

Modelled in Blender, textured in Substance Painter

The colour gradients/variation utilized in the production of this model is incredible! It has a good balance between specularity and roughness with barely any inconsistencies.

Looks super good, but doesn’t have a “real dangerous metal pointy-ow-ow” feel in my opinion.

Although 10/10, would slay my enemies with this again

Try to bevel your backdrop to get rid of the very harsh line that you can see behind you, and add a few rim lights to bump up the render

The model looks great though, are you using Cycles?

And I can’t even move my camera in Blender half the time! Wow!