Symbols in display name?

I’ve seen some people do this before with the ・ and ゘ symbols; how did they do it?

Here’s a screenshot of the profile:

Saw it on the devforum, here’s what it looks like here:


I’ve tried putting it into my display name but it just says unsupported characters.


And it’s not the browser extensions I’m using; I disabled all roblox-related extensions and her display name is still “・゘・゘・゘・゘・゘・゘・゘・゘・゘・”

My only guess is that this was a bug for a bit and was since patched, am I right about that?

I’m pretty sure it ultimately depends on which platform you change your name on. I think some platforms have different restrictions than on the website so you can try that. Though Roblox Mobile uses the same settings webpage as on so maybe try on a different platform than those two.

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The only platforms I easily have access to are the website, UWP app, and mobile app, and none of those worked for me.

Thanks for the help, though!

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there was a way to get any display name by using a vpn and setting it to some country (forgot what), i dont think you can do it anymore

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Yeah, that’s what I meant by bug. I only started seeing these display names recently, though.

I think the country was Germany? Either way, I don’t use/will use a VPN since contrary to the advertising, they don’t help privacy at all and are only good at watching foreign Netflix.

I’ll give you the solution for now, though