"Symphony No. 3 in F Major Mvt. 1" Music Feedback

I composed up this piece randomly and am thinking of making another album.

I’d love to hear any feedback on the theme, feeling it gives off, story, etc! As well as any feedback on mixing, structure, composition, etc! Also if you’d like to give me ideas for proceeding pieces within the album that’d be appreciated!


The composition of this sound is as great as it can get, and sort of present the grandeur through its cellos. The feeling is generally grand and magnificent, with some noble backdrops. The ending parts presents an ominous idea, great chord choices. It is very lively compared to any average composer.

On the rhythm, it is good but maybe it’s the bass drums timpanis that have a specific envelope that I haven’t gotten used to yet.

The mixing is just right on all parts with clarity in every instrument, where you can easily switch focus between as in a painting with contrasting colors.

Maybe for future compositions, try some contrasting personality that is different from this one.

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It is true that the sound is annoying, but it is good