Sync Rojo with Visual Studio Code?

Hi everyone, I did some research on google and developer forum and I know there are people posting a topic on How to Sync Rojo with Visual Studio Code but when I tried to do it. It just wouldn’t connect for some reason. I have been stuck here for a few hours.

please lemme know whether this topic is in the right category. Thank you!

  • Does the rojo serve command work?

  • Did you install Rojo’s Roblox Studio plugin (make sure that you install the official one)?

  • Did you click the connect button from the Rojo plugin after you served?

Not sure where else to put this question.

When I get stuck with making rojo projects I generally go to this video for help:

If you’re already downloaded all the necessary software I would skip to the “Creating a Rojo Project” section on the timeline.

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OMG, it works… TYSM I have been stuck here for hours man… you’re my saver! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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but I have one problem what do I do with this errors?

This is probably listing problems with your project file on lines 18, 19, 26, etc. Try comparing yours with the examples. It’s saying you need to add $className for those lines. You can also post your file contents here for others to see and offer help.

I click on the error and it bring me to this script

Try adding a $className for each item like this:

    "ReplicatedStorage": {
      "$className": "ReplicatedStorage",
      "$path": "src/shared"

    "ServerScriptService": {
      "$className": "ServerScriptService",
      "$path": "src/server"

It doesn’t work I tried it and the error still remain the same no changes at all. :frowning:

It would help us more if you post your whole file here (in text not a screenshot) and the new errors.