SyncAdmin - An open API administration system


Hello everyone, me and @VolcanoINC have been working on this admin system. We’re looking for people to test and give feedback on this. Basically, it is an admin command system where you can easily create and distribute your own commands. The API available to you is extensive and fully documented in the script.

The API includes ways for you to get command input and send output back to the users as well as set the permission level for each command. For more details on the API, the full documentation can be found in the script.

What is SyncAdmin useful for?
SyncAdmin is useful for creating and sharing your own commands that will work for everyone without problems. There is already a large amount of commands built in for you to play around with, which you can also easily configure and modify. We hope the community will soon create many more to add to that list.
All in all, SyncAdmin is meant to be an easily configurable and flexible admin command system for everyone.

The admin system does not do anything that is not outlined above or in the documentation.
Feel free to play around with it and post feedback here.

Thank you and have fun :slight_smile:

Model: SyncAdmin Legacy - Roblox
Github: syncadmin · GitHub
Discord: Discord

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When I run the script I get the error “Unable to find module for asset id; Script ‘Workspace.SyncAdminLoader’, Line 21”, for the module ‘306017445’. This is usually caused by not naming the modulescript inside of the internals model ‘MainModule’. Possibly you forgot to do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve named it MainModule. If you see an error saying “Asset not loaded because user is not authorized to access asset ID” or something similar, it’s because we’ve made the module itself non-free. It will work on a game server.

Got it, thanks!

This is neat but I still fail to comprehend the practicality of admin systems.
Besides some obvious and useful commands like kicking and “banning”, what is the real use besides showing off how cool of an admin thing you can make

Yes, that is the basics of an admin system but with SyncAdmin, you can do a lot more as you can create plugins used for all types of things. One good example of this would be a game me and Volcano have been working on called Infestation. We’re using custom SyncAdmin plugins to create commands for us to change maps, equipt weapons, etc as SyncAdmin provides an easier way to do small things like this.

So, it can be used for a whole range of uses. Just it’s generalized as an administrative tool.

So, other than the exploiter database, what are the differences from any other open-api admin system such as Nexus Admin?

But… I thought he said it isnt even open…

Just gives me more and more trust in the random trust people have.
I should reeeaaallly work more on my admin.
At this rate, I’ll only have an alpha in 7 years. (well, I skip alpha, beta, … up to Yeta)

This sounds useful, but I can’t use 3rd-party private modules in my games. I understand why the exploiter database should be kept private, but is there any chance you’ll open the rest up?

By open-api, I meant an API that can be used to add your own commands, not open-sourced.

There are a few reasons why closed source can be better (ignoring the trust issue). My guess is one or several of these reasons was involved:

  1. Prevents someone from out right copying it and taking the credit. Even worse, someone takes it, advertises it, and changes the source to mess up games.
  2. Most people don’t care to read it. It may be better just to ask how something works rather than allow everyone to copy it.
  3. There isn’t much of a reason to modify it if the api is good. If it isn’t, it shouldn’t be too hard have the person who made it add features.

That’s more or less getting a standard for good (don’t read: popular) admins.

I’ll admit I’ve never used Nexus Admin. We’ve built this on our own ideas and never really looked into whether or not something like this existed already. This has been a few months in the making, we started in August of last year.

We’ve paid great attention to usability, user-friendliness and flexibility. We’ve designed the entire system around the user being able to use it straight out-of-the-box and being able to configure it to fit their needs with minimum effort, while still allowing users to get more and more out of our system if they want to put the time into doing so.

Our system also does a lot for the user, such as handling the string-to-type casting for command inputs and providing standard GUIs that can very easily be displayed to players in the game. We also have a few ideas for improvements down the line.

I don’t want to do a side-by-side comparison to Nexus Admin here, but I’m sure both our systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to compare them yourself! Our API and everything our system does is outlined in the documentation in the loader.