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The current version of SyncAdmin is considered Legacy. A new version of SyncAdmin is currently in development. If you’d like to suggest features, feel free to contact us on Twitter!

What is SyncAdmin?

SyncAdmin is a cloud based game management system originally developed in 2015 that allows you to create your own plugin commands with its very own developer API so you can create plugins which fit your games specific needs without needing to write hundreds of lines of code.

Key Features

We sync your settings automatically!
With SyncAdmin, all settings are automatically synchronized across all games. This means when you ban someone, they’re banned on all servers instantly, modifying permissions instantly apply to all other running servers, etc.

Want to show off your plugins? You can!
SyncAdmin’s plugin format allows you to create and share your plugins with other game developers. We have a collection of cool plugins you can install for your game on Github.

Don’t know how to script? No problem!
SyncAdmin is designed to work out of the box, this means that you simply insert SyncAdmin into your game, turn on HttpService and publish your game. All settings are edited in-game from the settings panel and saved to the cloud.

If that isn’t enough, we’re working to add even more features in the near future with SyncAdmin 2.0.0.beta!

Why not try SyncAdmin, it’s free!

Want to join the community? Find out how here:


SyncAdmin automatically sends telemetry data and error logs to help us improve the product. If you would prefer not to have this data sent please follow the step below to disable it.

require(549670351)(script,"Latest",true) -- Change to false for no telemetry/analytics


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