Syncing Audios that already began playing

I have an issue with syncing audios after they start playing.
Starting the audios together after loading them with Content Provider Service syncs them perfectly, but if the game ever lags, the audios desync.
I need to play the audio from a certain point, but after starting the audios again they don’t sync properly.

Currently I’ve tried playing the audios as is, then playing them on seperate threads, even unloading and loading the assets again and playing them from the start and skipping to the wanted TimePosition, but none of that worked.

At this point it seems like nothing would work, but if any of you have any ideas, i would really appriciate your help.
If there is no way to fix this, and any of you who see this have the Regular role, please make a feature request for something that would make syncing audios possible, or easier in any way.

Thank you all for your time.

Setting the Sound.TimePosition property to the target sound.TimePosition should work. Other than that I don’t think there are any other ways of setting audio positions.


Yea, but doing that causes desyncing. That’s what im trying to avoid.

This is actually a bug.

The problem is that the very slight nanosecond delay between calls is long enough such that the 44100hz sample rate becomes desynced.

Most audio libraries, including FMOD, should have a way to synchronise audio but Roblox has never given us a high-level way to do so, and as such, we get the desync :DDDDD

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