Syncing Default Idle animation with custom animation

Hello, this is my 2nd day on starting animation, and I’ve been stuck on something.
So I’ve created an idle animation for a tool with moon animator, the animation works perfectly fine, but the torso and arms don’t move, rather they are just still for the duration of the animation. What I want is for the animation to play and the default idle animation to play, the one that looks as if your character is breathing. I tried looking up solutions to this, but have not found any. Much appreciated if anyone knows how to resolve this issue and could explain to me how. Thanks.

have you changed the tool idle animation priority to Action? If no, then you can check out this link for list of animation priorities and their order. To explain shortly, animation priority defines like a layer of animation. Like if animation priority is action then it will play on top of the anim with movement priority, and vice versa

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Yes, it is set to action, the animation itself works, but I also want the default idle animation to play, since I only animated the arms

could you please show the animation in animation editor?

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Maybe you can set the AnimationPriority to Idle or Movement, see if that will work.

Playing two animations at the same time should be able to work, or partially.

For example in one animation you move the head only and in another you only move the left hand. If play them at the same time then I believe both body parts would move at the same time. This might require the animations to be the same priority or not.

I’ve run into issues of overlapping animations before. Can’t remember too much and cannot test stuff out in studio as of now. I’d mess around with the priority. Also, I didn’t think Roblox had an idle animation. Is it an animation pack specific thing?

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Forgot to update, but i found the solution, all i needed to do was remove the toolnone animation, thanks though for the help

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