Syncing Instances to VScode with JSON Format

I am currently using Rojo to sync my code. But i am pretty sure there isn’t a way to generate instances from the workspace or startergui to vs code with json format so I can access these things with my code with intellisense.

For example, by default Rojo generates “Baseplate” instance. That could be accessed globally and the properties attached to it is also there for me to edit. It makes things way easier when there is these json “instances” for me to access globally rather than trying to find them and pray that I didn’t type a single word wrong.

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“With JSON Format” is a bit vague. What exactly do you want to be encoded in JSON?

I don’t think anyone has even implemented such a thing!

Anyway, “I’m lazy” is not enough reasoning to ignore Rojo, Argon or Roblox’s own (work-in-progress) file synchronization.

A json file that can store all the instances for me to access. I am currently using Rojo for syncing, however I don’t really want to use Argon to sync instances to json format (or type it myself).

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Do you want to know how you would go about implementing this? Because AFAIK no one has dared do this.

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I don’t really want to implement it myself because I’m pretty new to scripting and I don’t want to waste my time just to make my future code a bit better with intellesense. But I am happy if there is any tools to achieve my idea


I found who will be implementing this. Codify v3 (still in development). v3.0.0 by cxmeel · Pull Request #36 · cxmeel/codify-plugin (

They stated that they will implement Rojo JSON models which is something I wanted

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