SYNLAB Laboratories

SYNLAB Laboratories

Will be a post-panedmic roleplay game. The game is set in a world where a deadly virus TS - 13 has broken out and started massively infecting people all around the world. Global pandemic has destroyed most of the civilization in the world and there is only one active and functional laboratory left in the world. Get there alive, to survive this cruel world.

TS - 13

is a deadly virus spread on contact with the infected and polluted objects and ground. It is in a form of pollen like dust. Covering every inch of the world. Unbelievably small particles that can be barley seen with a naked eye are everywhere. It is highly contagious and deadly. Every minute spent outside the clean and disinfected area will slowly kill you!

Your mission

Is to find the way to the quarantine zone, in order to survive! You will be scattered around the map! Forests, caves, waters, hills and other places! Find shelter, the clean zones where you won’t be losing your health and mind. You will be able to collect resources, like drink, food, weapons and more! Choose your story, create you story! You may choose to be peaceful and join the scientist and security personal at the area to continue your life! You may also choose to not believe the virus existence and try to sabotage the laboratories and it’s personal! Maybe you just want the vaccine that is hidden in the laboratories? You have to decide and find out!

Game Details

The game will use the latest Roblox Studio technologies like Future lighting, Spatial Sound and more! The game will have a large map with details and realistic terrain! Overall the game will require a good computer to play the experience. More to be shared soon!

I am waiting for constructive ideas, thoughts and feedback on the project.

Preview of the progress


Few things about this image,
The sign in the bottom left looks to be just a brick with some 3d text on it. I think you should try to do a bit more with the sign. Maybe round the corners, build it up with more of a design, just do something a bit more with it.
The barrier in the road is just kinda… there. Try to integrate it with a speed bump instead of just having on the road.
The road could do well with a cracked texture on it.
The roof of the thing in the middle is very thin and the supports don’t make much realistic sense to me. Maybe add some support pillars in the corners that go to the roof of those buildings?

Looks really nice, but maybe surround the road with a ground texture to help differentiate it from the grass.
It’d also be nice if there was more DANGER signs. Like maybe a few red signs with a skull and cross bones, chemical warning signs, DO NOT CLIMB sings on the walls.

Looks great but maybe you could again do more with the road. Add a few speed bumps, some more road lines like on the sides of the road, and make the road look cracked maybe.

Overall your build is pretty nice.

Last general thing I’d recommend is some more color. Maybe a flashing red stop sign near the gate? A search light that spins around on top of the building? Blinking lights on that radio tower?
Doing lighting effects would add a lot more to the game and just looks awesome with Future lighting.

Good luck on your project!


Hey, @okayendo!

Thank you so much, for this absolutely wonderful feedback! Got tons of more improvements ideas! Your reply really means a lot to me, very nice and constructive! I will be adding more as I progress trough the development for sure!