Syntax highlighting breaks when pasting identical text over selected text

Often times, when I want to copy/paste some code template (to add a new clause to an if statement, another entry to a table, a similar block of code that uses the same boilerplate as the code block before it), I select the text I want to copy, hit ctrl+c to copy it, then hit ctrl+v twice as a very quick way to move my cursor down by pasting over my selection, then pasting again under my selection. It’s sort of become a habit at this point.

With the recent syntax highlighting update, this breaks all of the syntax highlighting in the area I selected when I do this, and it’s really annoying, because it slows down my workflow.

Video showcasing how to reproduce the bug (using the context menu instead of ctrl+c and ctrl+v to show what is happening more clearly; my mouse cursor appears offset in the recording due to a ShareX bug):

This is what it looks like when I’m using keyboard shortcuts (it’s just a quick and ergonomic force of habit for me):


Thank you for the report, this issue is fixed internally.


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Do you have a repro case for the pictured syntax highlighting bug? I would very much like to take a look at it.


I had talked to @darkmodeonn about it, but basically copy and pasting the same code over itself (100% repro). It can also occur with cut and paste and it can also occur with comments and creating a new line (not 100%, seemingly random). A lot of weird ways it can occur.

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Thank you. :slight_smile: The copy pasting code over itself has been fixed internally; that particular bug should disappear soon.

We will investigate the comment/newline case. In this scenario, does the problem correct itself if you modify the incorrectly highlighted line, or does it persist?


It persists until you close and reopen the script. It either disregards ALL syntax highlighting and goes completely grey, or highlights everything improperly and randomly.

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Thank you, that information is very helpful. One more question: When the script editor is in this broken state, does auto-formatting work?


I don’t believe it does. It acts like a text file.

(Also could a mod move this side convo to the original syntax announcement/beta thread?)

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