Sysstatremote Kick player

Something is kicking our players called systatremote.
It is breaking the entire game, does anyone know how to fix this?

Press Ctrl+Shift+F, then type in :Kick(<whatever kick message is showing up, ONLY if there is a message>). This will bring up all of the scripts in your game that include the :Kick() function. From there you can filter it out. Goodluck soldier

No its a roblox thing its a blue message
it is gamebreaking

Could you show us what it says?

You tried it on other devices aswell?

Yes everyone gets kicked it seems to be at random times



Sry I couldn’t help more. This could possibly be caused by event(s) being spam fired, if not that well goodluck.

Thank you anyways, I will try getting to the bottom

This is a strange internal undocumented bug.

what to do then, my game is breaking.

The most you can currently do is report the bug and make people aware of it and hope Roblox will fix it soon.

but like i can’t post bug reports

Does it not let you or something?


yea i cant post anything, I think its because I don’t post enough