System message not getting send

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    I would like to be able to send the system message then remove the script.

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    The script works fine and the two print get sent at the right time. But the SetCore doesn’t work.
    The chat is the TextChatService

	game.StarterGui:SetCore("ChatMakeSystemMessage",  { 
		Text = "Your name will be seeable when the tutorial will be finished", 
		Color =, 1, 1),
		Font = Enum.Font.FredokaOne,
		FontSize = 14
  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
    I’ve tried looking around, found nothing

When using TextChatService, use TextChannel:DisplaySystemMessage to display system messages.

@be_nj How to use it? Idk how to add it in the script

Assuming you are using the default configuration for TextChatService and TextChatService.CreateDefaultChannels is true, simply get a reference to one of the existing channels (we’ll use RBXSystem) and invoke the method:

local TextChannels = TextChatService:WaitForChild("TextChannels")
local RBXSystem = TextChannels:WaitForChild("RBXSystem")

RBXSystem:DisplaySystemMessage("Your name will be seeable when the tutorial will be finished")
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@be_nj OOOO THANK YOU A LOT! you saved my day

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