System message "Your roblox premium has expired" is sent multiple times

The system message that a user gets when their premium membership is expired is sent out multiple times over a short time span, as seen below:

All the same message, all the same timestamp, just repeated six times.

This occurs when your premium expires. This has happened two times before on my end. All you have to do is get premium 450 and it will happen at the end of your premium time.

This happens on PC, Windows 10, Chrome.

This started happening 2 months ago.


I’ve also been experiencing this issue, I don’t know why it happens.

This also happened to me. I got 4 expiration messages at exactly the same time.


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Bump, this has now just happened to me.

I am using Microsoft Edge Version 90.0.818.51 (64-bit).

Unsure if repro is guaranteed, appears to be more random.


This also happened to me not long ago, I have received 2 messages.

Reproduction is also not guaranteed, my previous subscription ending only produced 1 message.


Still an issue. I bought it through Google Play, if that matters.

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Can confirm this, this message also gets sent repeatedly via email.

Tier: Premium 450
Payment method: Gift card

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I also had this issue when I upgraded my Premium subscription.

Payment method: Debit card (Visa) via website


I can confirm this issue has still not been fixed and is really annoying, any intel if this is going to be fixed?


@PrismaticFruits I revived this topic because this issue was not solved, and was left alone with no consolation.


I can confirm this is still happening.

Edit: why did u revive this topic lol, I thought it was new


I would also like to add that I received 4 emails, and 4 messages on the website about this.

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